Born in April 1989 Collette June Ellis grew up surrounded by the dramatic landscape of North Wales. From an early age art has been important to her; as a child she always felt most content when expressing herself through drawing or modelling. This early interest has led her to pursue a career path in this field.

Her work is often inspired by fantasy and fiction; drawing inspiration from ancient mythologies and a variety of cultures. Her work varies from Digital to traditional working primarily in watercolour, ball-point pen and Photoshop. She has a particular interest in concept art, story-boarding for games, film and animation.

Collette attended Glyndwr University in Wrexham, North Wales, where she studied a BA Honours Degree in illustration and a Masters in Design Communication, during which, she travelled to China after being awarded a £1000 grant by the Welsh Livery Guild; to investigate dragon legends and the origins of the Welsh dragon.

Previously Collette has worked in collaboration with ‘Triptych Games’ as a concept artist for an online adoptable game, the graphic design company ‘Greenland Design’ and as a concept artist for  ‘Movix Media’. In 2011 Collette had her artwork published in “Dragon World” an art tutorial book that features several artists from the popular art sharing website “Deviant Art”.  Her most recent projects include working as an illustrator for fantasy author James Calbraiths novel “The Year of the Dragon” and as a concept artist for ‘visualization studios’. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and designer.

In her spare time Collette enjoys taking part in martial arts classes, mountain walking, rock climbing and swimming. She also enjoys reading, writing and has taken part in Latin-American dance classes.

Official Website – http://www.collettejellis.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/collettejellisart

Twitter – https://twitter.com/collettejellis

Deviantart – http://collettejellis.deviantart.com

Tumblr – http://collettejellis.tumblr.com

Society6 – http://society6.com/collettejellis



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  1. I’m interested in using one or two of your warg images as part of the cover for my novel. Please email me with your interest to discuss this. Thanks, Dale

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