Welsh Gwiber – Dragon Species

Another Welsh Dragon species I’m working on at the moment, the Welsh Gwiber…


The Welsh Gwiber is a type of Wyvern and so walks by crawling on its knuckles.Their scales are spoon shaped, and incredibly tough. Believed to have once been Adders, this dragon retains its slender and snake-like in build. Most types of Gwiber have feathered wings and crests on top of their heads; however, there are some primitive species that do not have feathers.


Male Height – 8ft Female Height – 7.5ft


Gwiber’s are often green or grey in colour, with black markings similar to those of a British Adder. Their eyes are usually bright red although some have yellow eyes. Their feathers are usually brightly coloured, with flecks of red and turquoise. Some rare breeds of Gwiber are blue in colour and have cream undersides and light blue eyes.


The Gwiber is incredibly poisonous; this dragon’s long retractable fangs produce a poison so potent that if entered into the blood stream can kill its victim in under an hour. It also has the ability to spit its poison long distances, similar to a spiting cobra.

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