Welsh Red – Dragon Species

The Welsh Red is stocky in build and moves almost like a large cat, the long protruding spike on its nose and large claws act as perfect digging tools, as they reside so high up in the mountains that they dig into the rock surface to create hollows in which they nest.
Welsh Red Dragons do not have horns, but have long spines along their necks and backs and a spear-head shaped club on the end of their tales. They make up for their smaller than average size with their long talon like claws that are incredibly tough due to their inner structure and long canine-like teeth.

Male Height – 6.5ft
Female Height – 6ft

Young Welsh Reds are often redish-brown or orange in colour, they become a deep red when they reach maturity although some veriations have a golden or cream underside. The oldest dragons are belived to become mentalic and golden in colour.
Their eyes are usually orange or brown, although some have yellow eyes.

Can breathe clouds, create lightning and control the weather.


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