China – Days 12 & 13

18th Jan 2012

Unfortunately I have taken ill with what seems like flu or a very bad cold. I was so exhausted yesterday that I ended up going straight to bed. I am now in my hotel in Hong Kong, still feeling rough.

Yesterday morning Gir took me to see the reed-flute caves. I have never been into a cave before, but what I saw was beyond words. The caves were illuminated with coloured lights, but the natural structures were incredible, some forming gigantic columns. It was like being inside a gothic cathedral!

Tomorrow I fly to Dubai and then to Manchester.


2 thoughts on “China – Days 12 & 13

  1. hi, i am also a glyndwr university student.:) the pictures were taken at Guilin, China, is it? omg, it is so surprise to see it at a foreigner’s blog.

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