China – Day 10

15th Jan 2012

In the morning the mist had cleared and the rain had subsided into a light trickle. Gir took me from my hotel down to the Li river where we boarded for Yangshauo. Whilst on the boat I met an American man and his Chinese wife, they were very kind and talkative throughout the journey. His wife was a historian of Chinese history and we spent allot of the time discussing my research project, she gave me her e-mail so I could contact her if I had any further questions regarding the silk road and the Romans. I hope to find a connection between the two.

As we left the dock it took some time before the fog cleared, but when it did the view was incredible, like something from a dream. Rolling, pointed mountains in their thousands that spread for miles, waterfalls, caves, I now know why people were so excited about me visiting Guilin.

Tomorrow I have a full day to myself to explore Yangshuo! I hope to explore the local markets.

A sketch a drew whilst on the boat.


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