China – Day 5

10th Jan 2012

Last night Jasmine and Coco took my out of dinner with their friend Elien, they were welcome company and afterwards they came to the flat to help me fix my computer and get online. Allowing me to speak to my family and my boyfriend Joe.

Today we visited the Ming Tombs and the great wall. I now understand why people say they “Climbed” the great wall, it is so steep you literally have to climb along it.

Cindy also took me to visit the Beijing Jade factory, where I saw for myself how they make jade puzzle balls (A ball within a ball within a ball – all carved from one piece of jade). I had to buy one for myself as the small ones were very cheap, I also bought my own name seal, with my name carved in Chinese characters, on the top there is a snake (my Chinese zodiac symbol).


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