Bixi – Concept

An concept design for Bixi, one of the dragons nine sons or decedents. Valiant and powerful, he had the strength to carry the heaviest burdens. Usually depicted holding up pillars at the base of buildings. Bixi’s body is that of a a tortoise with the head of a dragon.

I am hoping to start a new series of paintings, based on the legends surrounding the 9 sons of the dragon. An ancient Chinese mythology, unfortunately most of the stories were never shared with the people and so were destroyed when China was invaded.

I intend to research these legends and try to illustrate each son in a new and believable way, drawing from the legends themselves, local stories and the natural world.

This is my first concept for Bixi; I wanted to give him an interesting made up back story similar to that of the dragon. So far it goes like this:

Bixi beguines life  as a small turtle with a dragon-like face, growing bigger over the years. At 100 years they develop blue tipped glowing whiskers and glowing markings on their feet and shells, the design differs with each creature. At 500 years they can grow to the size of a killer whale, they start to spend more time in the water, as their feet slowly transform into flippers. At 1,000 years they spend all their time in the oceans, reaching a size to rival the blue whale, they live in the deepest parts of the sea, coming up to breath once a month.

Few have been known to live as long as 5,000 years, but it is said that they grow so big that their shells become land-masses, poking out of the ocean. They feed on debris in the water and filter plankton from the water. They breath once every  300 years, causing earth tremors and changes in sea level.”


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