China – Day 1 & 2

6th – 7th Jan 2012

With no access to the internet and limited phone calls I was feeling a little cut off from home. I guessed the best thing to do would be to record my experiences in the form of a written journal, which I will be uploading to my word-press blog from today.

The plane journey was veerrryyyyy long O.. However, I was lucky enough to be seated next to a kindly older gentleman and a young girl named Grace who was from Hong Kong. We spent most of the flight chatting about China and places in the UK.

Once we landed Grace very kindly helped me find my next flight, before giving me her e-mail so we could stay in touch when I got back.

The next flight was quite different, by now I am feeling rather jetlagged and was seated alone surrounded by Chinese people who didn’t speak English. I tried to sleep for most of the flight, but the seats were so uncomfortable and the altitude was making me feel sick :S.

Finally we landed in Beijing, a white fog surrounded most of the airport and the runway was white with ice. The airport itself was huge! In the mist it seemed to go on forever, to collect my baggage I need to get a train it was that big!

After passing security and finally locating my luggage I met my first guide Cindy; a lovely middle aged woman from Beijing.

Unfortunately the first night went a bit wrong as The people I was supposed to meet at the flat where I was staying were not there, and the phone number I had for them was actually the phone number of a babysitter in Beijing, who was getting rather frustrated at us calling her. We decided the best option would be to stay in a local B&B around the corner, where I spent most of the night trying to contact Gamma (The girl who owned the flat who was flying back to the UK). At 3am she replied and finally put me in contact with her younger sister Jasmine :3.


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